About Us

RotiMax’s goal is to deliver a consistently authentic international experience to its customers at all open hours of the day. We can achieve this because we have spent years honing our techniques and skills to be able to create meals that will transform the taste of customers new and old. We only serve food of the utmost quality, prepared with only the best of ingredients as well as Halal meats. We are open everyday in order to stay reliable to our customer so that they can seek us out on any day that they wish.

Contact Us


(313) 436 – 1188 


14430 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, MI 48126

Open Hours

Monday 8am – 7am
Tuesday 8am – 7am
Wednesday 8am – 7am
Thursday 8am – 7am
Friday 8am – 7am
Saturday 8am – 7am
Sunday 8am – 7am